Guest Article - Time & Money By Vasuki

Time and money
Time and money

When I was asked for a guest blog by my friend I had too many thoughts running in my mind.....What topic,how do I state it...etc etc. And I kept thinking about it for a lot of time but was not sure where I would start. 

Of late I had thoughts about how important time and money are and enjoying life is all about striking a balance. So I would like to tell a story about this....!! :)

After my engineering I started working in an IT firm in Bangalore. Was busy working and spending most of my time in Bangalore traffic as you all know...Even before I realized clock kept ticking!! Months turned years..... I never hated it nor I loved it...I was just going with a flow. Had few vacations,parties and family reunions in due course. At the end of the day...(oh yeah its a month) I used to get a decent salary that's how it went.


So on a fine day I got married and I had to move to US along with my hubbyy!! It was a big shock as I was not ready for it as I always wanted to live in Bangalore.But things change we always have surprises in life,I quit my job and moved to US where I did not have a work Visa and I was on H4 visa. It was very difficult to accept the reality.


In short this is how it was...

Life in India
Life in USA
No Traffic
Tension and Tired of busy days
Am hardly tired
Had enough money for myself
Have money but not mine ( Not something I earned)
Wanted to go to US/Europe for a trip.
Want to go home as there is nothing better than that. (Bangalore)
Hardly used to use my phone
Phone is the only lifeline that connect me home.

Since I have free time I have lots of things running in my mind, An Idle brain is Devils workshop....which is very truee...

I keep wondering about a few things which I could have done but I didn’t do.


I love travelling and seeing places like many others :)...I didn't have any major vacation plans like an international trip or too far from Bangalore or an expensive affair.I just had simple plans and it pinches me that why didn't I go to Allepey, Munnar,Ajanta,Ellora,Rann of kutch etc etc. Fact is that I was too busy earning money and didn't pay much attention to it...

And now I have got all the time in the world to do whatever I want but I don't have money!! My hubby is always there to give but the reality is that its not mine and I have not earned it.

empty pockets
Empty pockets

So lessons learned -- I realize the value of time and money.

My dear friends try to strike a balance between time-money & your interests whatever it might be. 
Use your vacation, the world is not falling apart if you are not at work.
Make memories that last forever. 

The best thing bout Memories is making them 😃
Live in reality rather than virtual reality!!

Share your thoughts on this!! 

~ Vasuki

Thank you Vasuki for penning down your experiences and lessons :)
Vasuki lived in Bangalore for 10 years and has a work experience of 6 years before moving to US. She has been living in US for 8 months now. 


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