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Another new addition to blog - Guest Article! Today there will be two guest articles :)


These are my thoughts on the two worlds around us. Digital world and the real(physical) world.(People talk of some other worlds like wizards & Witches in Harry Potter, lets not go there).

virtual reality
What is real?

Though you could see and talk to your loved ones several oceans away and still feel connected, in reality you are tens of thousand miles apart. The real and digital world are like sea and sky apart. Then comes technology which gives us a feeling that they are meeting at horizon, definitely there is a deep touch but we clearly know its illusion. You can order an ice cream online but you cannot consume it online. You need physical ice cream to be delivered to your home. I know and you know all these. Lets have a little deeper ride into my thought. 

How really real world is real, even that is an illusion? I'm not talking about spiritual side or inner dimensions. But the question "how real is our real world" still haunts. This thought arouse in me when Morpheus asks Neo in matrix - "What is real? How do you define real? "

When some one touches you, the nerves below the skin carry those impulses and take it to the brain to be interpreted. Our Brain has its own personalized custom program to interpret in its own way. The touch of fluffy Pomeranian dog is soothing for someone and irritates other. These likes and dislikes are personalized add-ons. But the electric impulses to the brain from the skin remains the same for every one. Just the interpretation is different. 

Lets come to our ice cream, when it comes in contact with your tongue, your tongue and gums create the sensations of sweet and cold on your nerves which is carried to your brain. Ice cream is an external agent and tongue is a bug-less generator of certain sensations. 

Lets assume your tongue has a bug and it fails to generate the sensations of sweet. You cannot taste sweet ever. 

Can't we simulate those electric impulses which are generated by ice cream and tongue together and directly give them to nerves? At present we need tasty ice cream and a tongue to generate those signals, when signals are carried to brain, they get classified into [lovely,beautiful,awesome],[ okay-okay] or [ugly, worst, wanna puke] zones based on your karma ...sorry choices(likes or dislikes). 

OMG! brain does lot of ExtractionTransformationLoading stuff to influence your decision of like or dislike. The decision of you liking or disliking an ice cream differs on your mood, situation, with what kind of people you are there when having it. Now you see the fuss, the complexity of brain. 

So finally seeing the way AI, Deep learning, Virtual reality are booming, there is a possibility of digital ice cream to be real. 

You order online and download your ice cream online for one time use. Upload it to the device or programmed chip in your body DIGITALLY. It generates the flavor of ice cream in your mind. 'Is it good or bad?' is completely different topic. But with digital ice cream you can just get the experience avoiding the cholesterol with it. 

Till now though the real and digital worlds are separated by thick lines, the advancement of tools and technology empowered digital world to blend into real world and it will slowly try to engulf the real ... how do we see it - scary or exciting?? 

We are in matrix. Already Yogis claim that our real world is virtual and we are marching towards making digital world real. 

God bless inception. @Crazy thoughts before sleep.


The author wants to be anonymous. So let's call him Neo. Thank you Neo for this great article :)


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