50 Fun And Silly Things To Do In This Monsoon

I hated rainy season all my life until now. Because I don't have to step outside(covid-19!) and be frustrated when I have to get drenched, walk on wet ground spluttering the dirt all over my legs, get splashed by some stupid car, or worse when I have to walk in the mud-pools. The biggest mud-pool used to be right in front of my office, where GHMC had to come almost every time and clear the water logging. But, right now, I can enjoy the rain from the coziness of my room. I don't have to choose dark colored dresses or carry umbrella and raincoat. I can just listen to the rain, when I am working.

50 Fun And Silly Things To Do In This Monsoon
50 Fun And Silly Things To Do In This Monsoon

Here are 50 things you can do in this monsoon!
  1. Time to spice up - bajjis, pakodas, pizzas, hot soups..your imagination is the limit here or probably the recipes on Hebbars is the limit.
  2. Or if you like something sweet, hot chocolate and hot mug cakes can provide that instant gratification.
  3. Bring out your books to read, as you sip coffee by window side.
  4. Enjoy mud smell after rain - petrichor!
  5. Open up the betting channels for the most watched race ever - between two rain drops on a window or on your own glasses, if you wear any.
  6. Enjoy any clean rain water pools within the confines of your apartment.
  7. Miss the potholes, open manholes, over flowing drains, traffic jams and bumpy roads? Yeah, me neither.
  8. Keep hanging the clothes to dry forever, as they keep looping in wet-dry cycle forever.
  9. On the other hand, enjoy the feel of crisp dry clothes this year, as you stay home mostly - no more sticking cold wet clothes.
  10. Update your playlist to monsoon vibes. Thunder, feel the thunder - oh, that's not about rain after all.
  11. Post deep quotes about monsoon on Instagram - Rain hides my tears.
  12. Origami the hell out of every paper in your house and float those paper boats.
  13. Who needs Halloween, when you can get scared every day with thunder and lightning. Wait, did I just see a figure at the window in that lightning moment? If you are a ghost, have fun playing peekaboo with the lightning effects - you can probably show your scary face when it suddenly thunders out of nowhere.
  14. If you are a deep thinker, feel all those feelings as you gaze distantly into the rain and may be write some poetry.
  15. If you are the mad scientist kind, measure each rain drop's surface tension.
  16. If you are the gloomy kind of person, pine over your ex yet again.
  17. Sing the song of your people, may be even dance to it. Bollywood tells me that the chorus would all join you in perfect sync out of nowhere - as if you are in a flash mob.
  18. If you are a Bollywood heroine, you need to wear an ethereal white dress and enjoy the rain amidst the mud pools with random kids jumping around you on a random road in a random street. This is crucial for the hero to fall in love with you. But I guess, the best that can happen in reality is for the Tide auntie to arrive and ask you if you are shocked!
  19. Another Bolly alternative would be to wear a red saree and run to your lover, who's wearing an expensive suit casually in rain. This one is better because Tide may work better on red than on white. But on the downside, it's tough to dance wearing a saree.
  20. What would you like - cold, cough, pneumonia, asthma, malaria, fever, corona - choose your suffering for this season.
  21. Name all the clouds - dark lord, killer thunderbolt, creepy cloud(the one that follows you all day), the monster etc. If you are a 90s kid, you would have seen all such names in chat rooms.
  22. Wear dark mud colored clothes and smirk at nature - hue hue - you have no power here.
  23. If you live in a high altitude area, touch the cloud or be in the cloud!
  24. If you live in Hyderabad, you can go for fishing on these roads filled with water and catch frogs.
  25. People, who don't get out of your cave, you can pretend that you are upset that you can't go out because of rain. You don't even need any postpone excuses. Going out is just going out for groceries anyway in these times.
  26. Keep waiting forever for a glimpse of rainbow, at least you may end up seeing a unicorn.
  27. Find the edge of the rain - you can be in two places at the same time(wet and dry)!
  28. Guess from which cloud, your facebook pic is getting downloaded. If you are non-believer, explain people that cloud computing doesn't actually involve clouds.
  29. Brace yourself for the power cuts - candles, torch lights, emergency lamps or car lights, if you are inspired by 3 idiots.
  30. Be the 'bat'man - fight off all those mosquitoes.
  31. If your name is Alice and you have a tendency to fall in to holes, make sure it's not an open manhole.
  32. If you are on a bike and if your friend is all nice, comfy and dry in a car, collect puddles of water in your hands and throw at them.
  33. Out of nowhere, find hot corn on the cob vendors everywhere in the street.
  34. Wake up your artistic self like Ishaan(Taare Zameen Par). Imagine if your colors could describe everything vividly better than a photo- clouds, lightning, rain, raindrops on flower petals. But your hands don't see what your heart sees and paints the good old mountains, sun, tree and river. Accept defeat and frame it anyway.
  35. Measure rainfall depth using a scale. Boast to your neighbor how you have a deeper pool.
  36. If you get lucky, witness a hailstorm. I mean, how angry can clouds get, that they start throwing rocks at you!
  37. Write a story about rainy day - murder mystery, horror, love story, mythology - every good and bad thing somehow starts on a stormy day.
  38. If someone enjoys being outside when it's raining, know that they can be a serial killer.
  39. Have a big rain pool around your house? Pretend you are on Titanic.
  40. Invent glasses with detachable wipers and do the mankind a favor.
  41. Wear those long high collared rain coats and pretend that you are Sherlock.
  42. Look ugly with wet sticky hair as if your face is too big to have enough hair, after all you are not in a movie.
  43. Be upset that your blankie hasn't dried even after a week.
  44. Feel the sting in a heavy rainfall, as each rain drop hits you like a bullet.
  45. Don't do the moon walk, you won't slide, you will skid.
  46. Walk in boots - splash, slush, slosh.
  47. Pay close attention to the weather reports and plan your day accordingly, then notice how the rainfall occurs exactly when you are outside against all the weather predictions.
  48. Be sad that your creative skills in coming up with excuses for WFH are not needed anymore, any day is WFH anyway.
  49. Buy an yellow umbrella and place it somewhere strategically - see if your soulmate will find it magically.
  50. Just take a nap - wait, that can be done in any season and on any day. (Why do I always end my blog asking y'all to take a nap!)

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