Weird Thoughts That Keep Me Awake At Night

Sudden Realization
My expression exactly
We all have those wild and weird thoughts that keep us awake at night. Sometimes they are shower thoughts. But we do get those trippy thoughts that blow our mind and we are suddenly left with this half-surprise-half-realization expression. Here are few from my recent times!
  1. Do plants sleep?
  2. Are ghosts shy that they wait till it's dark enough to come out?
  3. If nature loves balance, then is there a person who is my polar opposite to balance out my qualities/behavior/ideas/etc?
  4. Was there any intelligent species like us that went extinct? What if they were close to decoding the meaning of the life and universe? And boom! Asteroid hits them and they all died.
  5. How is a gift a gift if it's just creating a social debt? Seriously, gifts have become more like an obligation than something given with some love and thought.
  6. Is oxygen a slow poison?
  7. Why do we prefer furriest animals and hairless humans?
  8. Just like we have metadata - data about the actual data, we have meta professions - selling motivation to succeed(speakers), uberisation of anything - taxis, e-commerce etc. This is like selling shovels and picks to gold diggers instead of digging the gold itself.
  9. The world is moving to an absolute Object Oriented(OO) way - people/organizations specializing in one specific niche than a broad set of things.
  10. Just like the Tree People in Narnia, people become indifferent and stagnant if you keep ignoring them.
  11. Your roof is someone's floor. This is obvious - but somehow it hit me hard at midnight.
  12. Do managers look at their team's cubes and wonder like Mufasa marking their Kingdom of cubes?
  13. XL and XS doesn't have to be Extra Large and Extra Small, they can also be Extra Little and Excess. This is lame, but I did spend lot of time thinking about this.
  14. How many photos have I photo bombed at tourism places? How many people have me in their photo backgrounds?
  15. Is "Tell Me Your YouTube Recommendations" the new "Tell Me Your Dreams"? In the book "Tell Me Your Dreams", the protagonist suffers from multiple personality disorder and the doctor treating her asks her to talk about her dreams - as her dreams reflect her mental state. In today's world, Youtube recommendations tell a lot about someone - when I am happy, that will be some standup comedy videos; when I am all nostalgic, that would be some 90s pop songs; when I am all jumping around, that would be some crazy fast beat songs - you get the point?
  16. How many miles have I scrolled?
  17. What if the prisoner on death sentence gets food poisoned from his last meal?
  18. Henna/coloring your hair tracks how much your hair grew.
  19. What if our ENTs(Ear Nose Throat) catch cold intentionally so that they can teach us their value? I don't even mean this as a joke, what if it's evolutionary trait to keep our bodies healthy?
  20. Caterpillars Metamorphosis - This is the most disturbing and intriguing thing for me! How do caterpillars get into their cocoon and undergo such harsh transformation into a beautiful butterfly? Do they think that they are going to die and believe in after life? Why would they turn themselves into soup and build this new thing from scratch? I read a lot about this and I understand that it's for evolution purpose - caterpillars and butterflies have different functionalities and different food. But still, I just can't get my head around this topic.



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