Open When Letters - Open When We Are Fighting

This week's letter in Jan-Feb Valentine series is "Open When We Are Fighting" letter😃😋


On the envelope, I *tried* to sketch our Sith Lord and Savior Palpatine.  But he looks like a witch with a bad hair day :-/. I also sketched 2 stick figures fighting with each other asking each other to die.

Open when we are fighting cover
Open when we are fighting


Open when we are fighting content
Open when we are fighting content
Open when we are fighting content
Open when we are fighting content
In the letter, I mentioned some quick fixes that may work in case of each other's faults. I added this sketch of the famous image - where a guy extends his umbrella to his wife even though he is mad at her. But since the guy's hand turned out to be too long, I made him a mutant.

I have also added a Kit Kat chocolate in this envelope which we already ate. So I don't have the pic of it. It's meant to take a break from the fight and have Kit Kat.


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