The Trouble Is You Think You Have Time

Time's running out
Time's running out
We adjust our calendars and squeeze in every possible task to "run the day". We are eternally busy. Yet we feel that we are not doing something which is quite important. We put off these important things for "tomorrow" or "later".

How long has the most important thing of your life been put off?
How many regrets do you have around the idea that you could have used the days in your past better?

One realization we all get, as we grow old is that - time's running out and time's running faster than ever. But this realization still doesn't really pull us into the important things of our lives, because we are so lost in the everyday race. We are hooked on to the-zillion-things-show everyday.

On a midnight, you may find yourself staring at the ceiling and getting a perspective on how you are not actually getting anything done, despite you being busy all the day. But the next day, the truth - that there may never be another tomorrow or another opportunity, seems distant. The everyday things have already entrapped your mind with their long and strong roots.

Your brain is stuck in the illusion of deadlines. The most important things never have any deadlines, they sometimes don't even make it to the To-do lists because we don't even recognize that they need to be get done. The familiar things which we get involved in everyday and the familiar people whom we see or talk to everyday seem quite important to your brain. How much seriously do we take our colleague's opinion whom we don't even like? We hesitate to do many things thinking that what these unimportant-but-so-familiar-people will think of us.

We need to remember that maximum exposure doesn't mean that it's important. We always need to look at life in a bigger perspective and remind ourselves not to get caught up in trivialities.

Consider the question- "What if I die tomorrow or soon?" and add additional things you got to get done if you are dying tomorrow or soon to your to-do list. These may be things like spending time with your family, calling up that close friend from childhood, visiting that place which you always wanted to visit, working on something which you always wanted to etc.

You don't have time.
Taking average life expectancy around 70 years, we just have about 25,000 days. If you are around 30, you only have about 15,000 days out of which you will be spending 5000 days(one third of a day) in sleep. So what you have is barely 10,000 days - provided that nothing unexpected occurs.

Do all those things which you always wanted to do.
Get the important things done even if they are hard.
Do not hesitate thinking about the opinions of people who don't matter.
Schedule the important things first in your calendar.

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." - Fight Club


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