Hyderabad , The Hill Station - Things To Do

Because of the cyclone effect, Hyderabad's temperature has dropped to 15 degrees Celsius.
Yeah, I know, for people living in colder places, this number isn't impressing. But this is a rare event for Hyderabadis. This is like the "Winter is coming" winter which never came until now. No, we don't have snow. But I swear that this is better than my last year's Coorg vacation. So yeah, that's what makes Hyderabad a hill station(for now).

Hyderabad Winter
This is how I look

  • Wear all the winter wear - sweaters, jackets, etc. Also, this might be your chance to wear all those clothes in your wardrobe which you hate - just hide them under your sweaters.
  • Go for a walk in the foggy mornings.
  • Bask in the sun(if it shows up). I mean, did you ever imagine that you can do that in Hyderabad without getting skin cancer? This is your opportunity.
  • An opportunity for sick leave. Your boss will believe your cold and fever finally.
  • Boast to your friends in other cities where it's too hot, how cool your city is.
  • For those who aren't taking year end vacation, take pics in fog and post on social media pretending to be in a hill station.
  • Time for "Winter has come" status on whatsapp.
  • Tell the world that it's too cold for you to do anything and so you are going into hibernation.
  • Save all the electricity bill on fans and ACs, while the geysers will take up all the electricity.
  • No one will call you out for drinking too many coffees. Say "Baby, it's cold outside" and people will understand (or take offense).

  • Layer up all the blankets, you may as well build a blankie fort. 
  • Play "The floor is cold lava".
  • For introverts and/or shy people, you have a strong excuse for not coming out and meeting people. What a time to be alive!
  • Make yourself warm by a bonfire. Just don't burn down the entire street.
  • Wrap yourself into a burrito in a shawl and pretend to be the tragic or melancholic hero with so much sadness.

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  • Scare away people in the night wearing your blanket like a ghost.
  • You can finally cook without feeling like you are in a sauna.
  • Chocolava.
  • Hot pizza. You need fat to keep you warm.
  • Goodbye ice cream.
  • Draw stick figures on foggy glass windows.
  • Feel the sting of coldness by touching anything and everything. Think about all the good times when things didn't hurt you with their coldness.
  • Soups - for the dark times when temperature gets worse.
  • Finally, something is colder than the heart of your ex. 
  • Body butters and lip balms. Moisturize 24*7 and annoy everyone.


Enjoy the winter while it lasts :)


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