Open When Letters

If you guys don't know what "Open When" letters are, here's a brief description. Basically they are a bunch of letters hand written by you to someone for all kinds of scenarios - open when sad, open when happy, etc. This works out well for long distance relationships.

I have gifted "Open When" letters to my husband last year on his birthday. 
It took about a month to write them all. I didn't have much work back then, so I used to write up content at office on my laptop. After making multiple edits to all the letters, I copied the content on to paper. 
I used some stickers and also collected all kinds of memes and got them printed out. I added those to the relevant letters. I also went on to draw(like a toddler) all over the letters and envelopes. 
I couldn't find proper envelopes and at the same time I found that we still have some leftover wedding cards. So I used those envelopes for these letters. 
I made it like a treasure hunt kind of thing on his birthday with the letters hidden all over the house.

In this post, I am posting the first letter which was handed over to him on his birthday. This is the "Open when you first receive these letters."

Open when you first receive these letters
Open when you first receive these letters
** The dog is supposed to be Doge. 

Open when you first receive these letters
Statutory warning at the back of the envelope

Part of the Letter content - Rules
I also added a warning at the end of the letter : 

"In case of violation of rules, letters will be confiscated. No exceptions. No mercy"

Grumpy cat

Now when I checked the letters, it has lot of movie references and I tried to make it funny wherever possible. 

If you guys like this, I will post more letters :)


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